By Bausch & Lomb. Daily disposable soft contact lenses. (90 Lenses/Box)
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SofLens Daily Disposables
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Start each day with the comfort and freshness of a new pair of contact lenses! Soflens Daily lenses are extremely comfortable and easy to handle, but require no cleaning or storing – simply throw them away at the end of the day. Perfect for low light conditions thanks to the unique aspheric options, the enhanced optical design provides clear, crisp vision all day long.

Are the Soflens Daily Disposable with Aspheric Optics contact lenses available in color?
While Soflens Daily Disposable with Aspheric Optics contact lenses are not available in a wide range of colors, their design allows for optimal light to pass through the lens, enhancing the natural color of your eyes.


How long can I wear Soflens Daily Disposable with Aspheric Optics contact lenses?
It is recommended that you only wear Soflens Daily Disposable with Aspheric Optics contacts for one day, disposing of them before going to sleep. You may wear them for part of the following day, if stored overnight in solution, but consult your eye care physician to make sure this is safe for you.


Can I sleep in Soflens Daily Disposable with Aspheric Optics contacts?
It is not recommended that you sleep in Soflens Daily Disposable contact lenses. Be sure to take them out at the end of each day, and reach for a fresh pair in the morning!

daily use.\nrecommend to youth who can afford the price on one hand and doesn't keep too high hygiene on the other hand so better to have daily lens.

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