CheapAsContacts offers two convenient methods for ordering lenses. The simplest method is to visit our website: and follow the ordering instructions. If you feel more comfortable speaking with a customer care specialist, we offer a phone number (610) 340-3444. Upon receiving your order our customer care team will verify the accuracy of your contact lens prescription as well as your lens type with your local eye doctor based on the contact information provided when placing your initial order. Once this information is confirmed, CheapAsContacts will fulfill your order. In most cases orders ship the same day if the lenses are in stock and your doctor verifies the prescription on the same day. We offer many different shipping options to accommodate our customers.
Each transaction is processed through a 128-bit encrypted server. We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Debit Cards. We also accept PayPal as an alternative form of payment.
CheapAsContacts realizes that you may need your contacts right away. Therefore we offer USPS and UPS options to accommodate your schedule. Click here for the complete list of shipping choices.

CheapAsContacts makes every effort to process every order in less than 24 hours. As soon as the order is placed, we begin attempting to contact your eye care professional to verify the prescription. If your eye care professional responds quickly, your order will ship out the same day if it is placed before 4:00 p.m. EST and your product is in stock.

NOTE: For immediate approval email your script to: or fax: (484) 977-5395

Once your order has shipped, an email will be sent containing shipping carrier and tracking number if applicable. Note: USPS First Class Mail does not contain tracking details.  It is up to you to track the package or contact the courier for further investigation.  Track USPS and UPS packages:

If you still have not located your shipment please contact our customer care team: | (610) 340-3444

Yes. CheapAsContacts requires a valid prescription in order to accept and process your order. You can obtain a copy of your prescription by contacting your eye care provider. Once you receive a copy you can visit our website to place your order or it can be phoned in to CheapAsContacts. A customer care specialist will then contact the eye care provider to verify the prescription is accurate and has not expired.
In most states a contact lens prescription is valid for 1 or 2 years depending on your state"s laws. Your prescription should have an expiration date filled in by your doctor. Our primary concern is for the proper health of your eyes. If an expiration date is not present on the prescription we must assume it has expired and will encourage you to contact your eye care provider to receive a new exam and prescription.
Once an order is submitted through the website or the telephone a CheapAsContacts customer care specialist is immediately assigned to your order. The representative begins the process of contacting your local eye care professional to verify the accuracy of the prescription and ensure that it has not expired. We encourage you to submit your own copy of the prescription to expedite this verification process: or (610) 340-3444. Once this is completed (process typically takes less than 24 hours pending successful communication w your eye-care provider), your order is released and the fulfillment is underway.
CheapAsContacts adheres to Federal Law which dictates we can only send you lenses according to the prescription given to you by your eye care professional. Contact lens prescriptions are brand specific and must adhere to the lens your eye care provider fit for you.  Any discrepancies between the prescription, and the order placed, will result in a delay processing the order. If your eye care professional tells us that you are not prescribed to wear the lenses ordered, we will replace the order with what your doctor tells us you are prescribed to wear.
SEE EXAMPLE BELOW: A prescription should contain the following information: OS: Left Eye OD: Right Eye OU: Both Eyes Brand: Manufacturer & Series of lens Power/Sphere: Strength of lenses - a number between -20.00 and +20.00 BC: Base Curve (back curvature of lens) -a number between 8.0 and 10.0 DIA: Diameter (diameter of lens) - a number between 13.0 and 15.0 Toric and custom lenses have additional measurements that may include AXIS and Cylinder. Cylinder: Correction for Astigmatic patients (toric lenses only) (a number between -4.00 and +4.00) Axis: Correction for Astigmatic patients (toric lenses only) - a number between 0 and 180 If any of the information on your prescription or boxes is confusing or you need clarification, please consult your eye care professional. Only your eye care professional can provide advice about your prescription or determine which lenses are best for you. For a sample illustration of how a prescription may be written, click the Prescription Help link located on the left navigation bar of every page.

Absolutely. CheapAsContacts receives the exact same lenses as any local eye care professional. We work with all the major brands such as Acuvue, Air Optix, Total, Biofinity and many other specialty lenses such as colored, toric, and multifocal.

In order to verify your prescription we need to be able to contact your eye care professional directly. This reduces the processing time of your order. If you already have a copy of your prescription, you or your doctor’s office can email:


Periodically we send emails out with coupon codes, as well as posting them monthly on our Facebook page and twitter.

If your prescription changes, we will exchange unexpired, unopened, and undamaged boxes of contacts within 60 days of your purchase date. If your exchange is for a higher dollar amount from your original purchase, you will be charged for the difference at the point of processing the exchange.

When Returning or Exchanging Items:
If you need to return or exchange your lenses follow these steps:
1. Call (610) 340-3444 or email to let us know which items you want to return or exchange. We will then email you a Return/Exchange Form and your Return Authorization Number (required).

2. Secure your merchandise in the original packaging or replacement box to avoid damage. Vial lenses must be returned in the original vial and the vial must be sealed.  DO NOT return contact lens boxes in an envelope or any other flat pack. Products received with improper packaging or labeling on lens boxes/vials will not receive credit and will be returned.
Due to the fact that the FDA regulates contacts and they are deemed a medical device, we are unable to accept any opened products back for return or exchange. Once a package seal has been broken we are not permitted to re-sell that product or obtain any credit from the manufacturer. Unfortunately if a box or vial has been altered in any way such as labeling "L" or "R" it can not be sent back.
CheapAsContacts requests you to contact the lens manufacturer in regard to your defective lenses. When calling, be sure to have your box of defective lenses in hand. They may request information such as the UPC and your prescription listed on the box. Also you may be asked to return your defective lenses to them for testing while they send your replacement lenses.


Once you have completed your order, an email will be sent with a confirmation. Upon shipment, you can log into your account under the "order history" section for tracking information. It is up to you to track the package or contact the courier for further investigation.

Yes. This will reduce the processing time of your order!

Fax directly to (484) 977-5395, be sure to include a cover page that clearly indicates the spelling of your name and order number.

Contact via email:
Contact via Phone: (610) 340-3444
Contact via Chat: Located on the bottom of all pages.
We do not process insurance directly at this time. We can provide an itemized receipt that you can submit to the insurance company for reimbursement. We recommend confirming with your insurance company that they reimburse. CheapAsContacts accepts (FSA) flexible spending Visas or Master Cards as a form of payment. If you attempted to use your card on our site and the order was unsuccessful, it is likely you will need to make a phone call to your FSA provider to inform them of your purchase with our company. They will note that you are using you card for FSA approved services/products such as contact lenses. This phone number should be listed on the back of your card. If you are still experiencing an issue with the card not processing, we suggest using your traditional credit card and we will send you an itemized receipt with our Tax ID # that you can submit directly to your insurance company.
No, we do not need to have a copy of your prescription. You can provide us with your doctor"s name and phone (or preferably fax) number and we can contact them to verify your prescription.
If you have your prescription handy, you can fax or email ( it to us to expedite your order. If we receive a fax or emailed version of your rx, your doctor will not be contacted unless there is a discrepancy with your prescription that we verify for accuracy.
As of July 2004, a new law called "The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers" act went into effect. 
It states that "your eye doctor must release your prescription" to you on completion of your contact lens fitting, and that sellers of contact lenses must verify that you have a valid prescription in order to be able to ship your order. For additional information click here.

Prior to opening any boxes verify doctor’s prescription matches the prescription on side of box. All prescriptions are verified with your eye doctor unless a copy of the prescription has been provided by the customer via fax or email. We recognize that errors may occur during this verification process and sometimes a doctor’s office may provide an outdated or incorrect prescription.

Due to the fact that contacts are deemed a medical device by the FDA, we are unable to accept any opened, labeled, or vialed products back for return or exchange. We are also unable to accept back custom made lenses at this time as well.

Returns are accepted within 30 days of receiving your order. Lenses should be placed in a box if original packaging is no longer available.  CheapAsContacts is not responsible if package is crushed during shipment.

All returns will be processed within two weeks and credit, refund, or exchange will be applied using the same method of original payment

When Returning or Exchanging Items:
If you need to return or exchange your lenses follow these steps:
1. Call (610) 340-3444 or email to let us know which items you want to return or exchange. We will then email you a Return/Exchange Form and your Return Authorization Number (required).

2. Secure your merchandise in the original packaging or replacement box to avoid damage. DO NOT return contact lens boxes in an envelope or any other flat pack. Products received with improper packaging or labeling on lens boxes.
Anytime your order status changes you will be notified via email. You can also check the status of your order by logging into your account. Once logged in under the “Customer Orders” section of “My Account” it will indicate the Process Status.
Log into your account, under the “My Account” page locate and select the “Customer Orders” tab. Select the order you wish to get an invoice on and select “Details”. From there on the right hand side you will see a button to print.
These orders can’t be filled on the website since orders shipped within the 50 United States require your current eye doctor"s contact information and a copy of your contact lens prescription. First set up an account or call CheapAsContacts (610) 340-3444 and place your order. Then fax or email a copy of your prescription including your order number to (484) 977-5395 or


We will honor international prescriptions for two years from the exam or issue date regardless of state rules regarding the shipping destination. If there is no date on a prescription, we’ll honor that prescription for two years after the date we received it regardless of the state rules related to shipping destination. Prescriptions are written differently in every country. In order for us to be able to use your international prescription, there is some information that the doctor needs to specify:
Patient Name
Brand of contact lens
Base Curve
We refund your entire purchase price less the $2.95 processing fee as that is non-refundable.


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